Naturally Lovely Treats - 700 gr

Contains maize, red beet and whole carrot flakes.


€ 8,75


A Julian&Jones product: Healthy rewards of maize, red beet and whole carrot flakes.

Carrots contain a lot of vitamin A and valuable beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a pro-vitamin A which helps the body in converting vitamin A. Carrots are also a very important source of vitamins B, C and potassium.

The beetroot is rich in nutrients and fibres. With its lovely natural sweet taste, red beet is ‘the’ winter drug due the high dose of vitamins and antioxidants present.

The vitamins A and C provide support for the immune system. Red beets are rich in iron, magnesium, potassium and folic acid.

NATURALLY LOVELY Horse Treats contain no artificial sweeteners, flavours, colourings nor preservatives!

Packaging: 700 gr or 4kg

Maximum daily dose: 200 gr per 100 kg live weight per horse.