White Geopat

GÉOPAT® is a registered trademark, which has been widely adopted. GEOPAT® is sometimes called polyflakes or geotextile pieces and consists of a geotextile piece with a dimension of 2 cm².

This piece is made from a non-woven geotextile fabric. GÉOPAT® retains 20% moisture. Your equestrian ground therefore stays moist longer, which is why this surface is ideal for dressage or show jumping.

Depending on the type of sand and the irrigation, 2 to 3 kg per m² are mixed in the sand.

Geotextile products, also called polyflakes, are used for riding grounds which consist partially or completely of geotextile tracks and especially geotextile fiber material: these are synthetic materials where fibers, threads or filaments intersect in the longitudinal and transverse (two-dimensional) direction. This is often referred to as a non-woven fabric.