The microBull® is an innovative machine to relieve painful tasks with a minimum constraint to implementation, and use.
We designed the microBull, starting from a blank sheet, so that it acquires a multitude of accessories and responds to many different professions. With its user-friendly operating position, it allows a quick start for the user. Routine maintenance is largely facilitated with easy access to the different technical components. The quality of the components used, and their rigorous testing make the microBull an affordable tool, without unnecessary cost.

The microBull® is an innovative tool holder combining compactness and power. On the one hand, it’s very particular drive train gives it both
stability and traction, giving great load capacity with a bucket and pure pushing force, On the other hand, its dimensions make it a machine
accessible to every task, inside or outside. Ideal for landscaping, Renovation works, Cleaning out equestrian facilities, landscaping....

The microBull ® can be equipped with a seat for routine excavation work, for example. Wine works can also be facilitated using this accessory.
We do not recommend the seat for cleaning out stables as the length of the microBull becomes too close to the classic dimensions of a stable.