SX & SXR Series - The Authentic Micro-Excavator ®

Micro-excavators SX & SXR series are the ideal tool for access in difficult and restricted areas (width from 73 to 76 cm).

Weighing between 450 and 600kg, our micro-excavators are easy to transport and setup. All micro-excavators are equipped a mechanized welded track system with 15mm steel.

The mechanical arm of the SX models & SXR is orientable 60° to the left or the right.

SXR models receive a dimensioned slew ring and a rotating hydraulic seal allowing for 360° continuous slew. The micro-excavator SXR makes
work easy due to it deportation arm. These micro-excavators are the ideal tool for terraces, wine work or maintenance of properties, ...

The arm on our micro-excavators combines an unequalled depth of dig, a lightness avoiding jolts, and a folding allowing the micro-digger to access every nook and cranny.

Central control levers clear the operators view and acts as protection from the work area. The compass of bucket and hydraulics have evolved to reach a force of 17kN.