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  • microBull & micro-pelle

    MicroBull and micro-excavator manufacturer designer
  • Breeding

    Breeding, promotion and sale of dressage horses.
  • e-Shop Julian & Jones

  • Geopat

  • Professional HorseWalkers

    Essential elements of all stables, the walker for horses from 10 to 20 m in diameter.
  • Outdoor Facilities

    Equestrian constructions: Boxes, Grass shelters and Storage sheds Equestrian fences meadow, paddock, career, round of loin and barriers of meadow

A family business founded on a story of love and passion for horses. For the past ten years, it has been split into several activities.

  1. The breeding of dressage horses is under the wings of Jessie Marchand, Involved since a young age in the world of horsemanship, she takes care of the reproduction of magnificent colts and dressage fillies. By their judicious choice of mares and breeding stallions, the foals are very appreciated by the amateur and professional rider for their pleasant character, their will, their flexibility and their modern conformation. Many foals or fillies are awarded or awarded Elite Oldenburg.
    Son Olivier Carlens, experienced rider for a long time, FEI pony / Junior rider and finally Senior Intermediate I rider. He contributes to the work of young horses, from breaking through to participation in dressage competition. He also handles the sale of foals and horses.

  2. The only importation of the Microbull and Micro-pelle is ensured by Jessie Marchand, assisted by her husband. This robust and versatile machine makes the task of emptying boxes on straw and shavings faster and lighter. Many of our customers do not do without this stable valet with multiple accessories. The micro-excavator on the other hand is intended for a more specific task. Machine maintenance is done at home or on the go.

  3. Francis Carlens makes himself available to interested parties for the sale of wooden fences and barriers and for the improvement of the ground of the tracks for horses. Safety and comfort are its mottos.